Research Solutions To Help You Replace, Reduce & Refine

Quality research comes from combining innovation with efforts to improve the welfare of animals used in scientific research procedures. Partnering with IDEXX BioResearch offers numerous unique technologies that help you enact the principles of the “3R’s” while maintaining complete control over your testing. We will help you to:


  • Offering environmental testing as an alternative to animal testing
  • Improving the reliability of cell line research


  • Direct quarantine testing, no need for sentinels. Obtain more information from the same source
  • Investigating positive results for possible infectious agents, without the use of additional / extra source material
  • Developing test methods that do not require necropsies, terminal bleeds or sentinels


  • Running complete serology tests with a single drop of blood*
  • Minimise the infection risk as a result of non-tested biological materials
  • Minimising the stress of sample collection and transportation


Our lab animal science experts are easily accessible for consultation and support to assist you when creating monitoring programs or making important decisions based on your animal’s health status. IDEXX Bioresearch offers comprehensive testing solutions. We continue to focus on improving and innovating products and services to help researchers to Replace, Reduce and Refine.

*enough to cover a blood spot of at least 6mm on the circled area of the Opti-Spot strip