The ultimate choice for pharmacological and toxicological laboratories analysing bronchoalveolar lavage samples and other body fluids

  • A great alternative for laboratories in which a special PLT or RET measurement is not highly important
  • Fluorescence flow cytometry gives a precise cell count, even in the lower range
  • In many cases, may completely replace an effort- and time-consuming manual counting
  • The system offers nearly unlimited flexibility
  • Create tailor-made analysis profiles for a wide range of test series
  • GLP Complient


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Advanced technology to meet your laboratory's needs
Outstanding fluorescent flow cytometry

  • Provides reliable leukocyte differentiation

Maximum Traceability

  • Complete record of all operator actions
  • Multilevel user administration and access rights for optimal protection

Body Fluids

  • Automated differentiation of body fluids
  • Replaces effort and time-consuming manual counting of cells; e.g. bronchoalveolar lavage fluid



Red Blood Cells (RBCs) and Platelets: Counted in a dedicated channel using the direct current detection method with hydrodynamic focusing technology to minimise coincidence or recirculation. Automatic discriminators separate the two cell populations based on complex algorithms. The electronic pulse height generated by each analysed RBC is proportional to the cell volume. The haematocrit (HCT) is directly determined based on the count and volume detection of each individual RBC. Even with samples at extremely low or unusually high concentrations, the Sysmex cell counters analyse RBCs and platelets with uncompromised precision and accuracy.


Haemoglobin analysis: The Sysmex Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) method for haemoglobin analysis is a noncyanide method. Haemoglobin is determined in a separate channel, minimising interference from high leukocyte concentrations. The SLS method shows excellent correlation with the reference method. With very short reaction times, this method is ideal for high throughput analysers.


Fluorescence flow cytometry: Widely accepted and relied upon as the best method for the differentiation of cell populations. Traditional flow cytometry requires the use of costly antigen-antibody reagents and the procedures associated with it can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Sysmex has refined basic techniques of flow cytometry, highly specific polymethine dyes to adapt that sophisticated technology to the high volume and automation requirements of the clinical laboratory. In order to meet the demands for more accurate routine differentiation of normal and abnormal cells, flow applications using simple but sophisticated fluorescent dyes will continue to be expanded to fit the needs of routine haematology testing.


WBC differential: Fluorescent labeling is a milestone for the routine WBC differential. Fluorescence measurement reveals the nucleus-plasma ratio of each individually stained cell, enabling the Sysmex XT-iV Series analysers to differentiate five reportable WBC populations. The combination of side scatter (inner complexity of the cell), forward scatter (volume) and fluorescence of nucleic acid material determines the classification of each WBC. The XT-iV Series analysers utilise an Adaptive Cluster Analysis System (ACAS) to separate cell populations into well-defined clusters by three-dimensional measurement of WBC, providing an accurate and precise differential.


Advanced features to meet your laboratory's needs